Delta Zeta



"To those whom my life may touch in slight measure, may i give graciously of what is mine."

In 1954, Delta Zeta's Convention body voted to make the cause of speech and hearing our national philanthropy. Delta Zeta's members volunteer many hours for speech and hearing organizations in their communities, from tutoring children with hearing challenges to spearheading fundraising initiatives. Donations collected assist with speech programs and provide equipment and devices to those with hearing challenges. Funds also support programs aimed at hearing loss prevention.

Delta Zeta nationally supports Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization focused on speech and hearing related causes. In addition to Starkey, Delta Zeta supports The Painted Turtle Camp. The Painted Turtle is summer camp that supports children's medical needs, inspires them to reach beyond their illnesses, and provides care, education, and respite for their families.

Learn more about Starkey Hearing Foundation and The Painted Turtle Camp.


Sigma's Local Philanthropies


St. Lillian Academy

St. Lillian Academy (SLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building brighter futures for children and families in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In 2014 and 2015, the Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta raised enough money to establish a scholarship at St. Lillian Academy. In two years, the scholarship enabled four children to attend school there. 

As a chapter, we make an effort every day to visit the children at St. Lillian's by encouraging members to participate in the "weekly buddies" program. This allows us to see the difference we are making in our community and connect with these amazing children everyday.


The Emerge Center

The Emerge Center is a beacon of hope for children, adults, and families facing communication, behavior, and developmental challenges.

In 2014, The Emerge Center introduced their first ever kindergarten class and invited our chapter to come in every week and volunteer with the children.

Sigma has worked with the organization for over 50 years through volunteer efforts and philanthropic donations.

Fundraisers and Events

Each year, our chapter hosts multiple fundraisers and events to support our philanthropies.

In the fall, we host Homeruns for Hearing, a baseball style tournament that allows members of LSU's fraternities to form teams and Delta Zeta members to volunteer as coaches.

In the Spring, we host the Miss LSU-USA Pageant. Sigma has hosted the pageant since 1998 and it is nationally recognized as a part of the Miss USA circuit. The Miss LSU-USA Pageant is our biggest philanthropic fundraiser. Through this year's pageant, we were able to raise $70,000 for our local and national philanthropies. All female LSU students are invited to participate in the pageant.

As members of Delta Zeta, we hold all of our philanthropies - both local and national - very close to our hearts. The following quotes have been submitted by members of our chapter who have experienced the joy of participating in these philanthropic activities.

"Volunteering at The Painted Turtle camp last summer was one of the best experiences I've had as a part of Delta Zeta. I loved volunteering at The Painted Turtle because I was able to meet kids from all across the country and show them that they can still have fun regardless of their disabilities. I truly felt like I made a difference by volunteering at The Painted Turtle and that's what matters to me the most." - Victoria Smorodinova

"I love the way St. Lillian's is more than volunteering. Those kids have the biggest hearts, and we're the ones benefitting from going! I look forward to going every week." - Macy Landry

"Homeruns for Hearing is such a fun event! It's like a sisterhood and philanthropy event all rolled into one! Miss LSU is one of the largest campus-wide events and I am so proud of all the hard work that is put in from our DZ girls and the contestants." - Diana Grace Guarisco

"Being able to give back to Starkey is so rewarding. It's so nice to be able to say that we were able to change someone's life! Knowing that all of our hard work that is put into the Miss LSU pageant is helping someone hear their loved one's voice is amazing and I'm happy to say I could be a part of that." - Taylor Reed